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Esplanade Tranquille is the most recent public space in Montreal’s ''Quartier des spectacles''. For this landmark downtown project, Fauteux et associés had the privilege of designing the public space as a whole and down to the smallest detail. This of course includes the greening of the site, with 75 trees planted, hundreds of shrubs and perennials, a wide grass area as well as a large green roof for urban agriculture. But above all, the firm designed an exceptional living space for the community, including the new public square/skating rink, a pedestrian street, sidewalks and gathering spaces. The firm led the lighting concept, ensured the optimal management of rainwater collected on the site. It also created custom-made exterior furniture, including removable railings surrounding the skating rink in winter, benches around an island of large maple trees, braziers to warm you up and large Adirondack chairs that you can move at will on the site. Several large red carpets punctuate the vast mineral surface. 25 mobile trees in giant pots add to the animation of the space in addition to shade and freshness in summer.


Client: City of Montréal, 2017-203

Budget: 9M $ in a global 48M$ project

Collaborators: Architecture FABG, Engineering WSP 

ice rink in winter, public place and festivals in summer

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