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The 'Esplanade Clark' project features the revitalisation of one of the last remaining vacant lots downtown Montreal.  At the intersection of St-Catherine Street and Clark street, it is the final piece of a much larger refurbishment project known as the 'Quartier des Spectacles'.

By including activities for both summer and winter conditions, the project is the ideal occasion to develop the most optimal usage for the site, A large refrigerated skating rink, free of admission fees, will provide winter lovers with a delightful skating experience, while during the summer months, two configurations will be possible; a vast open public plaza as well as a location for outdoor shows.

Another interesting aspect of the project is to be the regular intervention by artists, painting various patterns on the ground, following a 'call for ideas' competition. To ensure the most pleasant experience for all, in winter as in summer, the urban furniture will be developed to be adaptable and modular, to suit any condition.

This 5000 square metre esplanade will be complemented by a multifunctional pavilion which will house cafeterias, a summer chalet, observation decks on the roof, as well as the necessary storage space required for the Quartier des Spectacles equipment and all the technical needs of the rink. The public spaces at the south of the Esplanade will open onto shaded exterior terraces.


Client: City of Montréal, 2016-2019

Budget: 9M $ in a global project of 37M$

ice rink in winter, public place and festivals in summer

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